-={The World Through The Looking Glass}=-


Can you hear the echo in here?

Here is a blog that had existed when blogging was cool, having your own domain name is to rise up to the rank of God himself and everyone drools for a dSLR.

A blog that had existed for this long carries with it a load of emotional weight that I want to be rid of and thus a spring cleaning is in order.

I was lucky these are all in digital; imagine if they were in aged rubber band bound diaries and the only satisfying way of ‘deleting’ them involves a bottle of kerosene, a match and an escape plan for the inevitable fire in my backyard.

I’m not holding a sentimental value to each blog post, although I do find a gem here and there as I select them for purgatory. Mostly old chain emails and jokes and some thoughts I had pen down during my uni years (no such luck finding rough scribbles for facebook-social-network); most of which can now be realized as dreams of better role models / entrepreneurs and for the rest of old jokes, Googled.

There’s no archived old post section and it’s a waste of time anyway as my blog view are not as high as before so all those posts are gone. I feel lighter already!

So anyway this is a brand new post for a brand new start, new tags, new categories, new everything! It may also be a way for me to clear the room full of junk before I shut it down, who knows… let’s see if there’s a next post after this.