-={The World Through The Looking Glass}=-

Late night thoughts

It’s been a while since I wrote and I wanted a place to write, someplace where I used to belong and left abandoned, like going back to your childhood playground and realizing that the swing set is still there; and you can’t help but have a go just to see how it feels.

I wouldn’t call what I’m about to do serious writing (like penning for a novel) but likely similar to a random scribbling of thoughts on paper/screen. If technology advances to a level where a mind map can be generated in real time, my map right now would look like a bunch of spaghetti sparsely spaced with meatballs of vague ideas.

So, about life. Kids are doing ok so far. Any new parents (hopefully) would think of the world for their kids, that they will grow up being someone useful to the world. My thoughts aren’t as grand so far. It’s amazing how my wishes for them are as small as baby steps (literally). Growing from wishing they were born safe and sound, to having normal limbs and even number of digits to not having blemishes or birthmarks.

Right now I’m anxiously mapping their growth rate based on wonderfully “all babies develop at different rate disclaimers” wall posters. But still it’s a good way to see what’s coming and where I can help to make I MYSELF more comfortable with what and where they are currently at in term of cognitive and brain developments.

Everyone says that with time, everything will pass and it’s often with fondness and memories when we look backwards. For me, I disagree. Looking at how things were, I have fallen deeply into the trap where I get no time to rest until they have kids of their own (or maybe even till much later). I might not even have time to sit down and think about the good old days since all parents (yours truly included, now) will end up worrying about their kids until their ripe old age.

OK maybe I can chill a little when they learn how to talk and walk.



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